Announcement: Effective 26 August 2018, I'll be blogging as I have time instead of on any regular schedule. I simply have too much going on in my life to put out a post of any quality on a consistent basis.


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Aug 19, 2018 Unit Test Frameworks in C#, Part Four: Basic Assertions How to do the more common assertions in five different frameworks, plus some notes on ease of use and quality of error messages in each.
Aug 5, 2018 Agile Myths, Part Two Six more myths surrounding Agile Software Development, and the Scrum framework in particular.
Jul 29, 2018 n/a Life has pulled me off again. Will resume as normal next week.
Jul 22, 2018 Reinventing the Wheel, Redux Further thoughts on code reuse
Jul 15, 2018 Agile Myths, Part One Six of twelve myths surrounding Agile Software Development.
Jul 8, 2018 n/a The research I had done on the next entry in the Unit Test Framework series accidentally got deleted, so I wasn’t able to post this week.
Jul 1, 2018 Unit Test Frameworks in C#, Part Three: Data-Driven Tests Writing data-driven tests in and NUnit.
Jun 24, 2018 Unit Test Frameworks in C#, Part Two: Declaring and Structuring Tests How to declare tests and test fixtures.
Jun 17, 2018 Unit Test Frameworks in C#, Part One: The Basics Getting started with MSTest, NUnit, and in C#. Setting up new test projects.
Jun 10, 2018 When a Coder Should Reinvent the Wheel Thoughts on code reuse
Jun 3, 2018 C# Shenanigans, Part One: A Memory Leak Explanation of a non-obvious memory leak that can arise in C# applications
May 27, 2018 Microbenchmarking and the Importance of Being Thorough A story about microbenchmarking in C#
May 20, 2018 Adventures of an Open Source Rookie: Everything’s Broken and It’s All My Fault Lessons learned by my first attempt to contribute to open source